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I have worked closely with Paul and his team for many years. In every stage of these complex projects, the range of Paul’s professional skills has been impressive in scope and essential to the successful outcome.

Randal Quarles - Wasatch Mountains House

From the earliest design development, where Paul and his team contributed beautiful design ideas to the overall projects as well as creative solutions to our needs, through the detailed construction documents, which were timely despite a great deal of intricacy, Paul’s team was both engineer and engine that kept us on course and moving to a superb conclusion.

Randal Quarles - Signature resort hotel in Deer Valley, Utah

Paul helped design our farmhouse and made the process an absolute joy. Paul and his team would pick three or four design products (all with our tastes in mind) and I would select the perfect one for us. I have total trust in them because of that experience.

Anna Chesnut - Ellensburg Ranch

A client is fortunate to find an architect firm like Apollo who truly excels in more than one of these areas (creative design, meticulous craftsmanship, and efficient administration. On top of that, they are a great pleasure to work with: no drama, listens to the client, thoughtful and friendly. Apollo has our highest recommendation.

Randal Quarles - Client of Multiple Projects

We are architects and interior designers with an exceptionally high standard for quality.

Headquartered in Seattle with offices across the US, Apollo is a general practice design firm providing high-end residential and commercial design through an innovative and unique approach.

“Architecture is about problem solving…with style and authenticity,” Paul Schlachter, Founder  

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Our firm is equipped with cloud computing capabilities, guaranteeing that the best talents found in the architectural industry are working together and efficiently. From conceptualization to construction, a team of creative minds in Seattle and in all parts of the world will provide you with high-end, luxury and elegant residential designs. Every architectural project is managed with collaborative offices in Bellevue, Washington; Los Angeles, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Sacramento, California.

How to Select the Best Architecture Firm for your Project.

When you select a Seattle architectural firm, you should take into consideration their architectural services and the other parties you select to be involved in the project. As you choose among the best architects in Seattle, remember these tips to help you in picking the right firm for your dream project:

• What is the estimated cost of the project?
• How much is the charge for the services and what does it include?
• Will the firm help you in hiring subcontractors in the project?
• When should construction start and when is the expected time of completion?
• What happens if the project cost exceeds the budget?
• Are the firm’s services until the project is fully completed?
• Does the frim see future complications with the proposed project?
• What do you need to provide? Furthermore, can the firm accommodate your special requests if there are any?
• Does the frim have any experience with a project like yours?
• Will the firm provide you 3D or video renderings of the project?
• What is the architect’s personal style? Will that obstruct what you have envisioned?

In finding the best architectural firm for your luxury home, it is preferred that the Seattle architecture firm’s services are ongoing until the project construction is done. Additionally, it is extremely important to hire an architectural firm that will be immersed in all phases of the project, from the initial planning and designing to the actual construction.

In every home design project, usually, you will first hire an architect. It is absolutely necessary for you to have a good working relationship with the Seattle architecture firm you hire. The architect may also aid you in choosing and hiring subcontractors like engineers, builders or landscapers. Your chosen architect will also help you in negotiating contracts for all your subcontractor. He/She can stand between you and the contractors, and can be your valuable supporter during the whole process. In Seattle, there are various architecture firms that provide a wide array of services, so the scope of work and duration of the project can change based on your specific needs and special requests.

Why Choose Apollo Design Studio’s Seattle Architecture Firm?

What separates Apollo from the rest is that no home design project is too big or too small. The Apollo team listens to your every need and works hard to surpass expectations. Their portfolio is one of the most recommended as seen on The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Journal of Commerce, Arcade, Dwell on Design and more. Known for its luxury residential design, you are sure that home design project is in the hands of an award-winning team of architects and interior designers.

The Seattle architecture firm that you appointed will basically provide concepts and drawings of the proposed project, and end with the construction of the agreed drawings. Some firms hand over videos and 3D renderings, but you should not expect it right away. There should be enough meetings between you and your designer. You have to agree on a design that you are certainly satisfied with, but do remember that they will follow building codes to follow so they might not be able to carry out your exact ideas. Your safety and security is still the top priority. One of the vital tasks of an architect is to oversee most parts of the construction, to act as managers and to facilitate communication among all other contractors so you can safely say that everything is done according to the agreed plan.

A prominent and renowned designer might not be able to give you what you want. You should hire the right professional your specific needs. Take time to research because you need to have an idea on what house architecture you like and around how much money you will be able to spend to achieve your preferred style. If you want a luxury home, find someone who is an expert with luxury residential designs. Do not decide right away. Go and visit different Seattle architecture firms. Talk to your prospects, and make sure your personalities will blend well together and that you agree on their personal style. In Seattle, the residential architects are critical thinkers. You are confident that they will evaluate the circumstances and present practical solutions to your problems. They will assess the entire situation and help you along the way.

A Seattle Architecture Firm like no other in the Market

Architect Paul Schlachter, founder of Apollo, has been in the industry for over twenty years, but he had humble beginnings. He spent his younger years drawing and building. Now, he travels around the US to give a lecture on the topics of design art and architecture, and he continues to build furniture for both commercial and residential clients. His sophisticated approach to design was further refined by his experience in managing his very own furniture company where he designed practical, creative, and extraordinary pieces.

A frequent juror for the Utah AIA Awards and a member of the Seattle Architectural Foundation, you are assured that Paul and his Apollo Design team will always produce unprecedented works of art, and luxury designs that exude splendor and sophistication.

Inspired by the Beauty and Luxury of Seattle Architectural Landscape

Seattle may be known for many things, but surely, you won’t be able to ignore its rich history and numerous architectural styles over time. Everyone has probably heard about Space Needle, right? Built in 1962, the 605 feet Space Needle attracts over 2.3 million visitors. Seattle’s Landmarks Preservation Board classified Space Needle a historic landmark. It was once the tallest tower west of the Mississippi River.
At the top of the observation tower, there is a revolving restaurant. The rotating SkyCity restaurant can be visited by using the elevators that travel at 10 miles per hour. Just this year, the restaurant was temporarily out of service because of the renovation to its glass floors and replacement of the rotation motor and the observation deck’s wire. The restoration and renovation is scheduled to finish next year around May. During the project, the observation deck will still remain open though.

The tallest building in Seattle is the Columbia Center or also known as Columbia Seafirst Center. The 76-story skyscraper is 933 feet in height. A little trivia about the Columbia Center: it was designed by architect Chester L. Lindsey. It may seem like three towers are next to each other, but the truth is that the structure consists of three geometric concave facades with two setbacks.
The Columbia Center was originally designed to be 1,006 feet tall, but because the Sea-Tac Airport is near the area, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not allow it for safety purposes. At the 73rd floor, the observation deck gives you a picturesque view of Seattle. The fun does not end there because the top two floors of the building are filled with exclusive amenities like a fancy restaurant, a posh bar, a vast library, and several meeting rooms. Everyone gets to enjoy the 40th floor because it is open to the public and features different cafes.

1201 Third Avenue is the second-tallest building in the Seattle and in the state of Washington. The skyscraper was completed in 1988 and is 772 feet tall. The 55-story structure was formerly known as the Washington Mutual Tower) and was developed by Wright Runstad & Company. A computer-generated version of the 1201 Third Avenue was shown in the 2010 film Inception starring Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. By providing public amenities like public plaza, escalators, an atrium, a day care, and a sculptured top, the designers were include 28 more stories to the building.

Proud to Be One of the Top Seattle Architecture Firm

Seattle is indeed famous for its diverse yet captivating architectural style. The colorful exteriors can undoubtedly catch your attention without compromising its rich culture and history. Whether you just want to admire the jaw-dropping view or take pictures at the glamorously decorated interiors, Seattle has lot in store for you.

As for the Apollo Design Studio, it has five unique creations: Healdsburg Barn, Borrego Springs, Mercer Island Residence, False Bay Writer’s Hut, and Chesnut Ranch. These modern luxury residences are distinct, exceptional, and clearly, you won’t find anything like it. The Healdsburg Barn took the place of a century old dilapidated barn. With the new barn, it is easy to relax and unwind. Its upper loft is equipped with operable upper windows that will allow you to exercise comfortably. Once you go out, you can’t help but admire the surrounding vineyards and jump in the long lap pool. The barn is the perfect choice if you want the best of indoor and outdoor living.

After thirty long years, a house in the Borrego Desert finally got a much-needed upgrade when a couple decided to call it home. The Borrego Springs now has a new master bedroom and bathroom. The owners can now marvel at the majestic view of the Borrego Mountains with the taller windows installed and there is no need to worry about the scorching sun because metal trellis shields were added on the interior and exterior part of the house.

When a luxury home is built with the toughest of materials, it is definitely one-of-a-kind. The Mercer Island Residence is a built for a family of four. Even though the two-story glass box is mostly made of concrete and steel, you can still commune with nature as it has an overlooking view of Lake Washington.

The False Bay Writer’s Hut is true to its name because it is a hideout for a writer. The best feature about this unique luxury home is that you can completely shut the hut when not in use. The writer’s hut may appear small on the outside, but there’s a hideaway bed, kitchenette, full bath and wood fired stove installed. If you are planning a weekend getaway, or finishing a highly anticipated novel, either way, the False Bay Writer’s Hut is furnished to help you to work and play.

The last on the list, but certainly not the least is the Chesnut Ranch. It is a perfect place of escape and just marvel at the wide-open scenic landscape and the perpetual blue. The ranch is equipped with a combination of warm colored clear cedar and hewn fir. Any visitor would consider it a cozy place to stay, and no one would ever want to leave. When you feel like staying in, grab a book and sprawl near the massive rustic fireplace. The overall interior walls of the Chesnut Ranch will inevitably give you a homey atmosphere.

As you have read above, luxury homes need not to be gigantic. You can have a small-scale luxury home in Seattle, yet brimming with amenities. It’s not about the size. It’s about the features. Luxury home-owners love their privacy and prefer hillside lots, equestrian lots or golf course lots to accommodate vast courtyards.

These outdoor spaces are utilized for entertainment spaces and a great place to have to receive guests. When you have a built-in barbecue grill, pizza oven, and full bar paired with a long pool, weekend parties are a notch higher.

On the inside, you can install a professional-style kitchen filled with multiple ovens and a warming drawer. Add coffee bars, huge walk in pantries, and anything that makes life functional. These house amenities can now be programmed and operated with a single click. People prefer the newest technologies and watch their favorite movie in theater rooms with movie-type seating.

Ultimately, quality beats quantity. Know what amenities you want to have and start by thoroughly consulting with an experienced architecture firm like Apollo Design Studio. The initial interview will give you insights on how to build the finest luxury home in Seattle. Energy-efficient, tech-savvy and elegant at the same time.